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BT Cloud

I cannot get BT Cloud to load, after logging in on either a PC(win7) or using the iOS app, I get this message: "System Error: Please log in after some-time."
I've been trying for over a week.
Is this problem recognised by BT?
Any advice from the experts?
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Re: BT Cloud

Welcome to the large and growing list of people hit by BT's new "upgrade" to its cloud service.


It happened three weeks ago, when BTCloud moved to a new supplier. Messages like yours started to appear here within hours of the changeover.


As yet no one from BT has provided any solutions to the various problems raised here.


Like you, several of us just cannot get into BTCloud. Other people have reported different issues. Just look at the messages around here on BTCloud. In particular, look at the large and growing conversation BT Cloud Upgrade(?) , what have you done?


Re: BT Cloud Upgrade(?), what have you done? - Page 37 - BTCare Community Forums


37 pages and counting.


At some stage, one of the mods may step in with an invitation to "contact the mod". By all means accept that invitation but don't expect anything to happen. I did that two weeks ago. Still no feedback and well beyond BT's promised 48-hour target.

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