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BT Customer Service

Hello, how can I speak to someone within BT? I phoned to report a fault, detected a fault in the line, and the next available slot for the engineer is 5 days away. Poor.

Second, is there any way of contacting BT and actually talking to someone about this? I get some message about Key Workers and the call ends. Working From Home, I'm needing the internet. Is speaking to someone about this too much to ask?

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Re: BT Customer Service


As you may be aware, this is just a customer to customer forum.

If you reported a fault today, then the latest repair date would be three working days away, which would be Monday 14th June.

Its Openreach that deal with faults.

You can ring BT faults on 0800 800 151, but they would not be able to alter the date.


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Re: BT Customer Service

Yeah sorry, I'm aware this isn't a proper BT channel to get in touch with staff. But it's the only channel I can vent, because nobody is picking up calls at the moment. Check it for yourself.

I wasn't going to try moving the date, although that would be helpful, just more discuss what is down in the fault tracker. It says slow internet, but in actual fact, I'm getting disconnected pretty regularly.

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Re: BT Customer Service

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

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Re: BT Customer Service

Not sure what you expect for your 30p a day line rental , but if you reported a fault today (Wednesday) the clock starts on the first proper day , Thursday , the 2nd is Friday , Saturday and Sunday are not classed as working days , so if you have been given Monday as the target fix date that’s only 2 working days  ( not 5 ) if it’s Tuesday you were given thats 3 days, IMHO pretty good for a domestic grade service, if you wanted a guarantee of a quicker fix, there used to be a ‘premium’ total care package where you pay a little more per month but get a quicker response, do you have anything like that ?

Just because you are working from home doesn’t change your residential line into a business line, if you want business type levels of service, you should ( or your employer ) should be paying a business type tariff .