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BT Default on file from 2012. Who to contact?

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hopefully someone can help with this.


i had a BT/phone broadband package from 2011-2012 at a house I was renting after i was relocated with my job. Unfortunately my mother suffered a stroke and was taken ver seriously ill after, since she lived the other end of the country I had to literally pack up home in a day and move back home to take care of her. I asked my landlords managing agent to forward all the bills so i could close the accounts. They sent through thr final bills for my gas/electric & council tax and i settled them all in full online. Got my rental deposit back and assumed everything was fine.


Fast forward to 2017 and i just made a finance application for a new car, assuming everything would be fine because I have no credit agreements; so i was kind of surprised when i checked my equifax file today online and found BT had registered a default notice on my account for £301.00 in August 2012. The account shows that I missed May's payment then 3 Q (Query) then a default.


This is where the fun begins.

Firstly, BT had my bank details, my account was in credit and I assumed they would have collected any final amounts from my bank.

Second, i was never sent a final bill, an overdue bill and never got a default notice, if BT sent them to my previous address the landlord clearly did not pass them to the agents as they had my forwarding address and sent me the council tax bill, other utilities and my deposit back without any issue.


Since its the first time i've applied for credit since 2012 I wasn't even aware i owed BT any money. i certainly would not have ruined a perfect credit record for a miserly 301 GBP that i would have paid If i had known it was owed.


i've found from equifax that this will stay on my record for 6 years. so for another 18 months I have my record impaired for a debt i knew nothing about.


part of the problem is that BT used their own email address to communicate with, which i only registered as a requirement of the broadband but never checked. 


The problem i now have is i don't want to suffer having problems on my credit file for a 301 debt i could easily settle if i had known about it, but since it was 2012 i no longer have any bills with the account number on and the default notice only shows the last 4 numbers of the account.


so my question is:

Since i never got the default notice which i i\understand is an ICO requirement can i have the default removed?

Since it was not a deliberate attempt to avoid payment, and the tenants failed to forward the final bill/communication, if i settle the balance with BT will they remove the default as an act of goodwill?


who do i talk to about it? i have the address the account was at and last 4 numbers from the account from equifax, but that's my only reference.


i appreciate its partly my fault and i should have contacted BT when i left directly to give a change of address, but at the time my mother was in the stroke ward and required 24/7 care for months afterwards so it was not top of my mind, since the agents had taken care of all the other bill/council tax forwarding i'd presumed BT had collected the final balance and closed the account.\


any help on which department to speak to would be much appreciated, i've never had credit issues like this and having this single stupid default on my record for 6 years is like a kick in the teeth. 


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Re: BT Default on file from 2012. Who to contact?

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For any queries about your credit file it should be raised directly with Equifax.


You can find out how to contact them and what happens at the below link:


Have a question about your credit file?


Thank you

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Re: BT Default on file from 2012. Who to contact?

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Thank you for your help. I could not find that page on BT.


I've submitted my queey to equifax using the link they provided. Hopefully they can have BT get in touch so I can resolve it.

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