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BT Disconnection despite bill being paid

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Hoping someone on this forum can assist my father with his internet connection.


He has a business line phone and broadband which is fully paid up. He did enquire about changing this to a private line and broadband as he is now doing less business and so was trying to save some money. 


He did not ask to be signed up for it but BT somehow signed him up for the private service. They did not cancel the business line but just added a private service to trhe same line with ou his consent or knowledge.


After a month or so he received a letter stating he had not paid his bill. Which he called BT with and after serveral conversations they agreed that they had wrongly billed him for the private line.


However he kept receiving the letters about non payment and they threaten to cut him off. He then sent a letter to BT explaining the situation. This along with several more phone calls finally worked and BT cancelled the private line. Then 2 days later my father had not internet at all, despite being upto date with his business account on payments.


He has now spent over a week on the phone every day to get the service reconnected. They keep promising to have it back on within 24hours but this never happens. 


He needs internet and email for his charity work and business. How can we gurantee that the service is reconnected and w how can we claim for compensation of some sort for the total lack of service received from BT.




Tim Peachey


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Re: BT Disconnection despite bill being paid

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Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


You will need to  post on the BT Business forum at


One of the BT moderators on that forum, should be able to sort this out.

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