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BT Dual Band Wifi Extender 600

Brand new WiFi extender configured and being used with a BT Homehub 3.


However, devices connecting to the extender are unable to access the internet.  The same device when connected directly to the Homehub access the internet successfully.


The extender is successfully connecting to the Homehub, as devices connecting via the extender are being allocated IP addresses from the DHCP pool managed by the Homehub.


The extender is indicating a "good" range from the Homehub.  One thing I noticed howver is that the leaflet in the box with the extender states the WPS light should stay illuminated for 30 seconds and then go off when the extender connects to the Homehub following powering on.  This does not happen.


Accessing the extender web configuration page shows the extender is "connected".  Have reset and reconfigured both the Homehub and Extender but continue to get the same issue of being unable to access the internet via the extender.  This is consistent for all devices that I've tried connecting via the extender, and all devices work perfectly if connected directly to the Homehub WiFi.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: BT Dual Band Wifi Extender 600

Are you 100% sure it is your hub that it is connecting to and not a neighbour's?

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Re: BT Dual Band Wifi Extender 600

The WPS on the Homehub 3 can be a bit hit or miss. I would try setting it up manually and see how you get on.

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