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BT Entertainment + Infinity 1 - yea or nay?

Hi all, I'm about to get my first HD smart TV delivered and I'm considering taking out a BT TV package, primarily to get extra HD channels and BT sport 1, 2 and ESPN displayed on my main TV as opposed to an app/PC.


I'm currently 12 months into an 18 month BT Infinity 1 contract (40gb download limit) at £18pm + line rental. I also get free evening and weekend calls. When I log into My BT I'm offered TV Essential for £5pm. When I click on that link I'm offered 4 options of which BT Entertainment + BT Infinity 1 at £22pm looks best for me.


I'm finding it all very confusing so can someone confirm (Or correct if I'm wrong) my thinking below if I take this package out.


1/ I'll be taking out new 18 month contract, my old contract becomes void.

2/ I'll be supplied a youview DVR box (Which at the end of 18 months becomes mine and its main functions would still work)

3/ I'll receive 18 extra channels not avail on Freeview.

4/ All the main catchup channels will be available to stream.

5/ I'll be able to watch BT sport 1, 2 and ESPN through my youview box on my main TV.

6/ Free weekend calls will be included, evening calls won't.

7/ Bolt ons (Monthly contracts) will be avail. eg HD Extra (8 extra HD channels) at £3pm and BT Sport for free.

8/ Any content streamed (Catchup and BT Sports) will not count towards my download limit.


Other than losing free evening calls there seems a lot of positives for £4pm more than I'm paying now.


I hope this is in the right forum, reading through all the choices none (Well to me anyway) seem 100% appropriate!








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