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BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 / BT Hub 6A

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I have a BT Hub 6A and I would like to extend the wi-fi signal to a few deadspots. I picked up a BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 for this purpose. It has not gone swimmingly.

Plugging the extender into the neighbouring power outlet as the router, thereby ensuring they could not be any closer without invasive surgery, Method 1 (Using the WPS button) does not work. So far, so expected.

Moving onto Method 2 (Without WPS button) - I can connect to the BTWifiExtndr-XYZ SSID using the default wi-fi key. I can login to the admin GUI ( using the default admin password. I can select the BT Hub 6A SSID and enter the wi-fi password to pair the devices. Here my luck runs-out however, as the pairing times-out after 40 seconds and very kindly invites me to try again. Needless to say, it does this continually.

I have tried resetting the extender via the tiny underside button and the smallest finger-like device available to me, however this has not changed things.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can persuade this mains-powered flashing rugby post into being a bit more cooperative?



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Re: BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 / BT Hub 6A

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Hi VogonSlapsticks, welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry you're having difficulty pairing to your wifi extender 300. The only thing that I can suggest would be to also try a factory reset on the Home Hub 6 if you haven't tried that yet? If that doesn't work I'd recommend getting in touch with the helpdesk on 0808 100 6116

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Re: BT Essentials Wi-Fi Extender 300 / BT Hub 6A

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Hello Neil0,

Thank you for your response. I'm happy to say that resetting the hub factory has indeed done the job. We are now basking in the warm wi-fi rays, even when retreated into a corner.

Thanks again and all the best on your mission.

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