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BT Extender Flex 1000 data light never ON with Sky router

Hi there,

I have read a few threads about extender flex 500 and 1200 having difficulties connecting to Sky routers. There is an issue with my extender flex 1000 as my data light has never turned ON when connected via an ethernet cable to my Sky router. I have:

1) tested the ethernet cable and I can successfully pick up the internet directly to my laptop from my Sky router. 

2) tried linking from extender flex 1000 direct to my laptop and inputted to access settings as shown in the extender 1200 quick start manual. "This site can't be reached" appeared.

3) held the link button for 15sec until all lights turned off. Only the ethernet and power light turned back on and remain on as they have been for weeks.

4) pressed the reset button on my Sky router. Data light on extender flex 1000 remained OFF.

If anyone can shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

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Re: BT Extender Flex 1000 data light never ON with Sky router

as a Sky customer have you tried the sky forum for assistance?

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