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BT FON / Openzone - Extending hotspot range

Hi Folks.


Excuse me if this has already been answered, but I'm a newby when it comes to the BT Community and a series of searches has not revealed any suitable answers.


What I'm trying to do is to identify some equipment that will extend the range of a nearby BT FON/Openzone hotspot at a particular (Fairly Rural) location. It's the only one in the area (NO other wireless APs are visible!).

I want to do this as I'm frequently away from home and wish to take advantage of the unlimited FON/OpenZone connectivity I get as as BT Total Broadband customer. The available FON/Openzone hotspot is just too far away for a reliable connection.

(By the way, my Home location has just had a Homehub 3 installed, I HAVE opted in but there's not FON hotspot present on the HH3 at home yet, however I know the 'account' works as I can sucessfully login using a FON/OpenZone hotspot elsewhere.)


What I can tell you about the FON/OpenZone hotspot location in question is this :-

* It's hosted on on a HomeHub 2.0 (Not the HH3 I have at home!)

* Obviously, I do not have access to the hosting hub's admin settings or the owners private hotspot.

* I DO have access to a suitable site to put this supposed 'range extending' equipment, and permission to do this.

* I would prefer a radio-only interface (i.e. the 'range extender' operates as a 'repeater' on different channels).

* 'Bridging' between the FON-side/Radio interface and Ethernet would be the second choice.


I've looked into this myself, and have come to the conclusion I cannot use my 'old' AP (A BT Voyager 2110) to extend the range as the HomeHub doesn't support a 'Wireless Distribution System' - which is a pain!


Whilst I'm reasonably competant when it comes to networking (I'm a telecoms engineer by trade, specialising in VOIP/Routers/Switches/DHCP etc) I can't make enough sense of all the available stuff on the Net to choose any particular item of equipment with confidence.


Had anyone managed to do something like this or can anyone recommend a particular bit of kit (And hopefully config settings!)




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