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BT FON set up on HomeHub, but can't use it?

I have a HomeHub which is configured for BT FON.  It shows BT FON and BT Openzone as options in my wifi list and if I select them I get taken to the landing page.


NOW if I try to login using my e-mail and password it won't give me access.  I am using and I know the password is correct, but no joy.


I have even tried to opt out and opt back in again in an attempt to kick start it into life, but to opt out you need to login first and it won't let me login ... AAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!


Any ideas.  As far as I can see I only have one username and one password which are the same as for BT Yahoo.


Otherwise what is the best number to phone???  



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Re: BT FON set up on HomeHub, but can't use it?

I had the same problem on my previous Vista laptop, yet it worked out and about, not a problem for as there was no need to use it at home.

OnWindows 7, it works, strange quirk methinks.


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Re: BT FON set up on HomeHub, but can't use it?

Hi, I am having the same problem. I have desktop Pc with BT Home Hub. I joined BT Fon. My husband has a laptop which works with the Hub. My tablet won't work from Hub or Bt Fon. When I type in my BT email address and password it just keeps saying they are invalid.

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Re: BT FON set up on HomeHub, but can't use it?

only the primary email address and password will work with BTFON


I would add that this thread is about 18 month old

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Re: opted in BT FON, but not active on the homehub router - Here is alittle help!

I recently had this problem from upgrading to the new bt broadband router 3.0 from the 2.0 and have found out from ringing the bt fon helpline that if you are in my situation or you are about to upgrade to a new router to opt out of fon and disable the homehub router before connecting the new router as this could help otherwise you can press the reset button, opt out and then back in and leave it on for a couple to afew days to see if it activates and if not then call the bt fon helpline on 0800 0223 3224 and they will hit like a master reset for you but you will have to leave your router on for 15 days to see it fully goes through!




IF you have opted in, but it doesnt say activated on your router, you can still use the fon outside of your home. The only difference this will bring is that you can use other people's fons and openzones but they just cant use yours so you dont lose no bandwidth which is a bonus! noone in the house hold needs to use the fon as you have the wifi so its nothing to worry about.

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