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BT Fault since march 18th

I have had the sane fault since march 18th and despite 4 engineer visits am still to have it rectified. The fault is this,

my broadband was at a steady 44 mb down / 10mb up for 2 days strait since it was apparently fixed on Monday the 30th what caused the fault was not diagnosed however and it has returned now my speed has dropped back to below 20mb and I am experiencing drops in router sync, the problem that has caused this I was told by the last engineer is bt's line management program which monitors the line for instability then drops speed accordingly this program for some reason is reporting false negatives on my line causing it to drop speed and subsequently sync as I said I know they are false negatives because I have been hosting a PC gaming marathon since it has been fixed so it hasn't stopped being used (anyone that plays fps will tell you the noticeable drops in ping and speed if there was a problem with stability) until today when the speed dropped, I was told by the last engineer that this program can be disabled by bt wholesale however getting this point across to bt customer service is impossible and instead the fault that once diagnosed was fixed with one phone call is now to take another 24hrs atleast to be raised again to the network faults Dept (pointless) can anyone here have this fixed for me ?.




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Re: BT Fault since march 18th

I would suggest you contact the mods here:

It can take up to 3 days to get a response from them either by email or phone, they are really good at getting issues resolved.
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