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BT Fault tracker

Ive been on BT Infinity for 8+ years and for 6 of them, the service was brilliant.

Since a new BT cabinet was installed next to 'my' cabinet, Ive had nothing but dropped connections ranging from a day to 50 odd days. Prior to this, using the old white Openreach moden and a Netgear router, connections lasted over 200+ days. The only time the connection dropped was when I rebooted the combo.

Now, when I click on Track a fault, I see faults I never reported logged and supposedly fixed but the page never properly opens and the 3 coloured dots keep bouncing away, much like MS's hour glass timer.

Why isnt the fault tracker opening correctly? Have BT decided people dont need the functionality or just dont want people to 'contact us' as the page says if they believe the fault isnt fixed?

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Re: BT Fault tracker

Interestingly, I found an entry on my account today  about a fault supposedly logged earlier this month and fixed a week later. It gives the fault Ref No, but I can find no way to look up this reference to discovered who logged the fault and what it was supposed to be! Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: BT Fault tracker

@Nemo2000Exactly the same. No, you cannot find any other details. I guess you'd have to contact Support but even then, I doubt they'd tell you the full story.

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