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BT Fibre 1 - new deal = new hub?

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Good morning everyone, my actual BT home contract is ending 1st July. It includes Fibre 1 and landline, but the second one has never been used. The modem is a HUB 5.

On the BT website there is an interesting deal available for my address: £27.99/month, 24 months, £9.99 P&P. The P&P cost is for "This is the delivery charge for your new kit".

1) As an exiting customer, if I buy this new deal, should I change my existing Hub 5 anyway?

2) When the new deal will be active? At the end of the existing contract (1st July) or immediately?

Thank you very much in advance, stay safe and take care.

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Re: BT Fibre 1 - new deal = new hub?

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when you say the BT website is that for new customers not renewals

are you having problems with hh5?

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