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BT Fibre, Xbox one connection problems


We have recently been connected to Fibre to the Home after years of <1mbs speeds. However our excitement at finally entering the 21st century has rapidly dropped away with various problems. Primarily all the devices connected via WiFi keep losing connectivity multiple times a day. I've spoken to BT and they say the line is fine and it is a problem with devices accessing the WiFi. 

The greatest cause of frustration is with the XBox as it keeps losing connection during the middle of games. So, I have used a powerline connector so that the Xbox has an ethernet connection. But that doesn't seem to have solved the problem, or perhaps we now have a different problem. 

We've done a bit of delving around, and the NAT connection keeps changing from open to strict. It is doing this repeatedly without the Xbox having been turned off. This seems to have only occurred with the ethernet connection and not wireless. 

So, I have two questions - how do we solve the connection problems with the Xbox? 

And, should I turn 'smart wireless' off and allocate each device to it's own band? Would this solve the problem of phones/i-pad losing connectivity temporarily? 

Thanks in advance!! 🙂


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Re: BT Fibre, Xbox one connection problems

Yes try the things you suggested. Turn smart set up off and split the WiFi bands up. So 2.4ghz and 5ghz are broadcasting 2 separate networks. Don’t forgot to click save after each one of those steps. 

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Re: BT Fibre, Xbox one connection problems

We moved to BT from Sky a couple of months ago and are experiencing the exact same problem with XBox and Sonos both repeatedly dropping the connection.

We did have the WiFi band split however this morning the XBox yet again disconnected and no amount of trying would it re-connect so we had to take off the WiFi split. 

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