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BT Fon wifi and iphone data roaming



I am travelling to Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for three weeks from December 30th this year.


I was hoping to take advantage of FON wifi hotspots in each of these cities- of which there are many! In order mainly to avoid the notorious "bill shock"- so to use my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 apps only when within these hotspots and only with the wifi part of the devices (3g turned off).


However a colleague of mine reckons that I will still be charged for wifi use of FON hotspots if I am updating iAPPS etc.


I was under the impression that *ALL* FON usage was free to BT Broadband customers just like access to BT openzones in the UK is.


Can anyone clear this up for me please? If I do have to pay for FON usage on these devices in the se cities where can I fins a price list?





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Re: BT Fon wifi and iphone data roaming

Hi rjs200, and welcome.


Wi Fi via Fon is free for BTBB customers. There will be 'open' wi fi in cafe's, bars and hotels etc..........


What you need to watch out for to avoid the killer bill is that you dont connect to data use.  Disable the data connection for all functionality on your phone before you leave the UK, and you wont geta nasty shock when you return home.


There are apps. which you can install, such as "wi fi analyzer" which can alert you to available wi fi connections.


There is also the possibility of using VOIP for phone calls back to the UK, on Android it is the Sipdroid app., there will doubtless be an i phone equivalent for you to use. VOIP uses your BTBB huphone number.


Check out the Fon website for locations and partners abroad etc.

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