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BT Graphite 2100 not ringing with line into 1500 base

I have a twin pack BT Graphite 1500, one of which has an answering machine. I bought a BT Graphite 2100 as a third handset. Everything has been working fine for a few years until I moved house. Now the 2100 handset makes a single beep when a call comes in but does not ring any further. All other functions are fine with it.


I tried all the usual troubleshooting methods (turning off, resetting, reregistering, etc).


I finally tried having the phone line going directly to the 2100 base rather than the 1500 answer machine base, and it worked fine, the phone rang as normal! It seems to be a compatibility issue with the 2 versions.


As it was working fine for years, the only thing that appears to be different is that I now appear to have caller display activated on the phones to see the numbers when ringing; this must have started when I moved house as I don't think I had it before. This could be the source of the incompatibility.


Barring getting BT to turn off the caller display function, has anyone any ideas what else the issue could be?

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