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BT HH5, TCP/IP Settings etc, 60'000 IP addresses???

For ADD sufferers the short. HH5a
I've got lots of problems with every hub we've had, 4 or 5 so far, my IP never changes, the network says it's secure only for me to find out that my external network IP was my Lan IP.
I can change from one hub to another without an IP change, i rang my BT landline only to be told it wouldn't accept Call's between 9pm and 7am (BT access had done it) and had even given the house phone an IP address.
I swapped from the - default range to the - (can't understand why this ends in 254 yet the other is 253?)
As soon as I'd done this I ran a scan which instead of taking 30secs took hours and apparently I've over 60'000 working IP Adresses yet IT NEVER CHANGES lol.
The subnet changed from to seemingly by itself, why is the subnet different for 172 range and 192 range?
There are many more but can someone tell me if my TCP/IP Adress under broadband settings should change? And what should it be because mines always on 86.155.**.*** the last two sets of numbers may occasionally change.
I'm having a serious amount of problems with my IP address, security, Netwotk that tells me it's closed and secure only for me to find out that it's open a lot of time.
Returns show I'm using BT Public network even though I'm cancelled out of it (BT Fon that is) although I maybe reading BT public network wrong?
Before i go any further I just want to ask what the TCP/IP SETTINGS under broadband should be? And should they change?
Because when i look at my router settings my TCP/IP Adress has been the same for months, or at least the first two sets of numbers are 86.154. the next two might change slightly but that's it.
My IP Adresses on all my devices never change on LAN and rarely change on my external IP.
I decided to change over from the 198 range to the other default range of 72. and as soon as I run a scan, what would normally take 30 seconds took hours and returned over 60'000 useable IP Adresses???
I can turn off devices, turn off the router, all without ever changing my IP, although after having the router switched off for 5 days then restating it, a router AP called Zyxcell-71cc which had popped up from nowhere 2 months previous with a signal strength as strong my Hub, suddenly vanished.
Then after a few days it reappeared,but no matter what I cannot trace this router, no one nearby has wifi or broadband?
Does this sound a bit suspect?.
My system logs are just pages and pages of TCP reset attacks, litterally 3pages in 15 mins.
Oh, and I've even read logs that are an hour in the future??
What the hell is going on

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Re: BT HH5, TCP/IP Settings etc, 60'000 IP addresses???

It looks to me like you've got your self in a bit of a mess. You need to take a deep breath and relax.


If everything is working okay, then don't worry about it. If on the other hand, you are finding that your internet is not working then I'm sure this forum can help you.

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Re: BT HH5, TCP/IP Settings etc, 60'000 IP addresses???

Reset the HH to factory default by pressing the recessed button in the rear with a pin for about 20 seconds until the lights flash. Then leave it alone.

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Re: BT HH5, TCP/IP Settings etc, 60'000 IP addresses???

Deep breath inhaled 😉 Reset my hub back to the 192 range and my public IP is showing as the same one in the router settings under Broadband, TCP/IP address, 86.156.**.** i don't know if this correct but pretty certain that doesn't normally show as the Public IP?
Does no one know why when I changed to 172 range it says I've got 60'000 IP's instead of two hundred?
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Re: BT HH5, TCP/IP Settings etc, 60'000 IP addresses???

An IPv4 address consists of four "octets". Some of those octet define the "network" address and others the "host" address.

When you use the 192 address it's the last octet that is used for the host address. An octet is 8 bits and 2^8 is 256. This is 200 and some host IP you refer to.

When you use the 172 address it's the last two octets used for the host address. With two octets you have 16 bits, and as 2^16 is 65,536, this is the 60,000 or some host IP you refer to.

Google for IPv4 class full addressing for more info if you want to know more.

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