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BT HH6/Smart Hub

Hello - I've just switched ISP to BT Infinity 1. The new Smart Hub 6 arrived a few days ago and internet and email etc are working correctly - both to wifi and hard wired devices. However, I cannot get the Hub USB port to "see" anything that is plugged into it. I have tried a memory stick, an SD card via an adapter, and most important my WD My Passport 1TB drive.

The USB port on my previous Hub from EE worked in all respects with no issues. In fact, a colleague with greater knowledge than me, mapped the WD drive as a permament backup drive.

Is there a definite issue with the USB port not working on this latest BT Hub as I have noticed numerous posts particularly in 2016, or am I doing something wrong here ! Not too technically minded but willing to try and learn ! I am running Windows 10, version 1607 from a desktop PC

I would be most grateful of some advice - or should I just return the Hub 6 to BT and ask for a replacement if it is a firmware issue ?

Many thanks.....


Lester Jones

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Re: BT HH6/Smart Hub

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Re: BT HH6/Smart Hub

Hi Keith,

Thanks for that.  I have found that thread, but need to re-read it a few times I think in order to understand the way forward. !! I can now "see" the WD backup drive by using Run and typing \\\My Passport. I can the see and access all the files on there.  I will read on and see if I can map it to the new Hub 6.


I am using Windows 10 and the name currently shows in My PC as My Passport(\\Brightbox2) (Z:). Brightbox being the names of the previous router - no defunct.


Struggling, but thank you very much for your advice.






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