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BT HH6 set up as a wireless access point.

My daughter recently moved apartments, and gave me her old Homehub6.

My set up at home was the main router was a Homehub6 connected by an ethernet cable to a Virgin hub in the bedroom, which I had set up as a wireless access point, to improve signal at that end of the house. Although this has been working perfectly, with no problems with my phone connecting to the Virgin hub, I decided that I wanted to use the spare Homehub6 as the access point in the bedroom.

I have tried several of the methods posted in here, and on other sites, to connect the 2 hubs together, but I still get the same result whenever I try to connect my phone to the bedroom tries to connect but sits at "Obtaining IP Address". 

To summarise, I have done a factory reset each time I did a new setup, changed the IP address, turned off DHCP and Authoritative DHCP, disabled Firewall, and turned off Extended UPnP Security, turned on separate wireless bands, then finally a reboot of the hub.

I have tried using a few different static IP address (.10, .20, .64) but the result is still the same and I am unable to connect my phone.

I have a PC plugged into the bedroom HH6, so I know I have good internet access.

As mentioned, I never had any problems connecting my phone to the Virgin hub.

Does anyone have any ideas before I get the Virgin router out of the box again !!!! Is there a method on here that is the "best" method to connect 2 HH6's together, as there are slight variations in most of the methods, even if it is only the order in which changes are made.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Re: BT HH6 set up as a wireless access point.

Make sure you don’t plug any ethernet cables in to Port 4 - this causes problems.
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Re: BT HH6 set up as a wireless access point.

I have tried to work with the spare HH6 as a wireless extender for some time now, but am about to remove it and use the Virgin router again.

In answer to the above question, I have nothing plugged in to the number 4 ethernet port.

However, the issue seems a little more complicated than when I first set up the HH6, there seems to be no consistency.......

Some times, if I leave the phone on my desk for a long period, the phone will connect to the HH6 and everything works perfectly. It never seems to connect quickly, as it does with my main HH6. On other occasions, it connects, but I get one of 3 status messages :

Connected (Obtaining IP address)

Connected ( Requires login/authorisation)

Connected (No internet access)

Has anyone seen this issue, and how did they resolve it ?

One last question, can anyone recommend an app to automatically switch my phone to the strongest wifi, so I don't have to keep going in to settings and manually connecting to a different access point.




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Re: BT HH6 set up as a wireless access point.

I have the same issue using old HH as wireless extenders, HH3, HH4 & HH5 will work as expected but HH6 does the same as yours. What I do notice is that even thought the DHCP is turned off in HH6, the phones still see the HH6 IPV4 address as the Internet Gateway and not the DHCP server (SmartHub2). Manually configuring the IPV4 address in the phone still does not resolve the issue. Other older or simple devices such as Ring Chimes and my old Laptop have no issue in connecting to the HH6 when used as a wireless extender. I think the issue may lie in the IPV6 area which my older devices do not support.

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Re: BT HH6 set up as a wireless access point.

Further to the above, I have set up the HH6 again as a wireless extender, using a slightly different set of instructions I found on here. The main difference with this instruction was that it stated the broadband connection MUST be plugged into port number 4 on the HH6.

However there was one issue I didn't notice before....the instruction said to turn OFF the UPnP, but make sure that the Extended UPnP Security is ON.......this doesn't seem possible, as when I turn off the UPnP, the Extended UPnP Security switch is greyed out and not available.

However....the entire operation made no difference at all and I still get the same range of error messages listed in my last post.

One thing to note, however is that I had to reconnect my NowTV box in the bedroom  to the HH6 set up as a wireless extender as I hadn't used it for a while.................after inputting the password into the NowTV box, it connected almost immediately without a problem and has been connected ever since.

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Re: BT HH6 set up as a wireless access point.

Having the same issue.  I think I know what's causing it, but not how to solve it!  The HH6 wap does have an internet connection (evidenced on my network by a number of Google home devices that use that extended network to communicate with one another) - but phones won't connect - saying they need to authenticate/register.  Following the usual process for that lands you on an error page served by the HH6 complaining it doesn't have a connection (presumably because it is not directly attached to the modem)... So it seems to me the answer is to somehow turn off the error page - like the smart setup page - but I have no idea is that's even possible...

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