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BT HUB 6 wifi signal

I hope I am in the correct forum...

My main issue is the wifi signal from the router throughout the house...
I have been using BT HUB 6 (Router) as well as two wifi extenders for a while now.
At present, the location of the BT socket and the router is in a small room ias you enter the house. The room is made of brick walls. then there is a room towards the back of the house and there is the stairways to upstairs rooms... Hope you get he picture of the house.
Because I only get the best wifi signal in the room where the router is, I am using two BT wifi extenders (1200). One in the kitchen (In the middle of the house on the ground floor) and another upstairs in the study room...
In the front room where the router is, wifi connection is best, however in other rooms (Ground or upstairs) signal is low when connecting to router. So when I connect o the extenders, the signals seem good with mostly full bars but the extenders alot of the time go to red light indicating low signal.
And in the rear room where the wifi enabled TV is, it gets disconnected a number of times even when connected to the extender...

After doing some research it looks like I have to move the router somewhere away from the small room in the front of the house. 
Should I leave the BT phone socket (Positioned in the small room in front of the house) where it is and get an extra cable for the router and lead the router to the middle of the house somewhere? Any suggestions on moving the router and can it still be connected to the BT socket as is? Will the extention cable cause slow wifi connection...?

Thank you

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Re: BT HUB 6 wifi signal

You've got two options mate. A really long ethernet cable and a socket move. Given how expensive a socket move is £130+ I'd try the longer ethernet first to put it in the centre of your house. I assume you've split the SSID's in your hub to make a second network? Of course even with the cable or a socket move there's no guarantee of the service you want. The downside of living in the early 21st Century I'm afraid. 🙂
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Re: BT HUB 6 wifi signal

WiFi extenders are not the best option as all they do repeat a potential weak WiFi signal. I use power line adaptors that have built in WiFi.
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