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BT HUb 6 - slow broadband with drop outs

To set the scene - we live in a country lane approx 1.5 miles from the exchange, the distance to our property is half copper below ground and half above. We have had many years of poor service where engineers turn up then matters get worse again this occurs generally twice a year. We are on 'Superfast' broadband as the lines cannot cope with Infinity we are told by BT our contract is for 9meg. My adjacent neignbour on the same package gets 10.5meg!!

Recently over the last 4.5 weeks the broadband has been very slow - lucky if it achieves 6meg with numerous drop outs to around 2.5 and a period of 4 days with zero broadband.

We have been liasing with the csdirectors team and have had numerous e-mail chats, a new Hub Type 6 'B' has been issued and installed, a lift and shift plus numerous remore activities covered plus 3 engineers visits. On using BT Wholesale speed test this morning as ever speeds were just under 6 with frequent drop outs to around 2.5 so overall despite all of the efforts toreslove matters they quite simply have failed.

However a real element of concern was the latset e-mail from BT csdirectors team which is attached where they advise they have carried out all remote activities and 'offering' a 'last visit' by an engineer. Given the hassle of the last weeks I find it disrespectful to suggest it is a last visit surely the visits continue until the problem is resolved??? The tone of the e-mail almost suggests that they are stepping away from the issue which is quite frankly appalling.



Hi Steve,


Many thanks for your emails today.


As you know, I had advised I would be reviewing these matters with my complex team and would be following up after the recent data had been analysed.


We have found that your sync speed from the exchange to the hub is showing around 10Meg. I have included a graph for this below:





My colleague has also been analysing the throughput speed for your circuit and this is showing on average around 9Meg for the 2 March to 4 March period:





In light of the above information, the network side is showing no issues and the speeds above are in line with the expectations of the line.


I can see that you have completed speed tests at different times and that these show lower speeds than this however the analysis that has been done is not finding those speeds or anything that could be causing it. Indeed the errors that were showing on the line are gone.


Having considered the actions that have been done remotely with the changes to the circuit, the moving to a different SVLAN and the replacing of the hub to the B version – there is nothing more that we can do remotely for this. Considering the history of this matter, I can arrange for a final engineer visit to check if any further improvements can be made to the service/network or not. I appreciate from the previous visits, that this may not be agreeable, however if it is – please let me know and I will arrange this.


Once we have this connection side finalised, I will address the billing/compensatory side.


Yours Sincerely


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Re: BT HUb 6 - slow broadband with drop outs

if openreach who work for all ISPs apart from cable cannot after numerous visits and changes to your line get your line within estimated speed then BTs only option is to allow you to either continue with connection (maybe at discount) or allow you to terminate the contract with no penalties  you could then use another ISP and get same speed but maybe at cheaper price

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