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BT Halo 1 question.

So what does "We’ll never charge you more than a new customer" mean actually?

My latest bill shows I'm on UltraFast Fibre 2 @ £66.99

A call to BT informs me I'm actually on Halo 1 and UF Fibre 250. 

Forgetting any introductory offers that package is advertised at £52.99 But I was told I'm contracted until July at the price I'm paying on a package that no longer exists.  

If "We’ll never charge you more than a new customer" only applies to contract renewal it really should say that.




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Re: BT Halo 1 question.

There is something akin to smoke and mirrors from BT on  Halo. During April 2019 I subscribed to Ultrafast Fibre 2 Plus as I wanted the fastest available ,300/50. A few months back I received an email from BT saying my subscription was now called Halo1 with Fibre 250. A feature of Halo is "Your bill won't go up when your contract ends and you'll never pay more than a new customer". I have received an email from BT saying fibre is now available in our area, the cost of Ultrafast 2 (300/50) is over £10 less a month than I currently pay.    So I  went into My BT, I used chat and received a rather grammatically poor reply + £10 credit and informed to contact 0800 800 150. When I called them they informed me Halo1 with Fibre 250 was faster than Ultrafast 2. Also, Ultrafast 2 was not available in my area. The email I received must of been old. I would have to wait until the end of the contract to change anything. If I go into the BT website, enter my home details, I am offered Ultrafast 2 as the fastest available.

Can anyone explain to me ( I can believe I am being thick), but I am convinced BT are pulling a fast one on this Halo price promise.




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