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BT Halo 3 New Contract Same OLD POOR Service !

If only BT Customer Care were as loyal as their customers. Having had 6 or 7 years of hell with less than 1Mbps broadband at a new property build I purchased in 2012, & having to have an engineer sort issues every 3-4 months during that time, I was finally upgraded to Full Fibre. For the last two years plus things have been generally pretty good. My contract just ran out & I was very anxious about another change. Assured by BT all would be PERFECT for me changing up to BT Halo 3 & guarantees of 450Mbps minimum Download & 110Mbps download, I took them at their word. As soon as it kicked in a few days ago I had my fears all come home to roost! My speeds are now less than they were before this upgrade! Receiving around 200 - 250Mbps Download & around 50Mbps Upload. I have even been experiencing a lot less & also several complete loss of Internet service. I reported & BT kindly had an engineer look at right away. They sent a text saying everything okay, it is not & no change. I reported again & another engineer looked at & I received another Text this morning saying everything okay, but it is exactly the same! Why can an engineer not have the courtesy to ring or stop by at the property to actually check everything is actually working for the customer?!

So, once again I feel as though I have been duped by BT, being assured of a service of excellence, and when committing to, just being brushed off with a so far inferior service & another headache of stress & regret from BT.

Has anyone Please any experience or advice of how best to proceed in such circumstances ? The stress & anguish of such a very annoying trivial matter, but with such importance to quality of life is so very frustrating. I have tried the usual flush down / recycle / factory reset to no avail. Is there a contact line specifically for BT Halo 3 customers where actual concern for Customer care & satifaction may be acquired ?

Thank you in advance for any advice that may be offered.

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Re: BT Halo 3 New Contract Same OLD POOR Service !

are you phoning the FTTP team about your problem 08005874787?

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Re: BT Halo 3 New Contract Same OLD POOR Service !

Hi imjolly, thank you for your reply. My first call was on the regular BT number, but they could not help so did put me through to the FTTP people. The second time I did speak direct to the FTTP people. No problem with assistance given over the phone & swift willingness to organise the engineers. Both engineers just check & see full service being pumped out & simply send a Text to tell me of this. No follow through to check actual problem with not receiving the service in my property!. 

Reading always very informative & helpful posts here it sounds like my router may be capping the service & although I am now contracted under the Halo 3 900 Mbps I am only still getting the previous regular fibre service & receiving around 250-300 Mbps Download & just about 50Mbps Upload. Paying more for a recommended better service & receiving less!


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