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BT Home Hub 2.0 disconnection issues after doing factory reset

Hi everyone,


Last night I did a factory reset on our BT Home Hub 2.0 because some devices (my computer) weren’t showing as connected to the hub and I needed to see my computer so I could assign an application to it in order to have the ports forwarded (specifically Steam games)


Everything worked fine for a good hour or so and I managed to play some games online with no problems but then my computer (and other devices in the house) would lose connection to the hub, either it would connect but go incredibly slow or it wouldn’t connect at all and when it did connect it would promptly disconnect and the hub wouldn’t even appear in available Wi-Fi networks (even though the Hub itself was powered on and all lights showing blue)


I reset/unplugged the router several times, even tried another reset, deleted the Wi-Fi network from my computer. It also wouldn’t let me log into the router whilst having these issues.


Coincidently we are actually expecting delivery of a new Home Hub 3.0 this week but until then or just incase it carries on even after installing the new hub I’m wondering what the problem could be? Thanks.

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Re: BT Home Hub 2.0 disconnection issues after doing factory reset

the old hh2 has known problems so getting a new router may well solve your problems


however repeated resets will not help your connection and will increase your noise margin, reduce your speed and in turn reduce your profile which results in lower download speed.


if in doubt when you get your hh3 thehn just post socme adsl stats from the hub as there is always someone around to help

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Re: BT Home Hub 2.0 disconnection issues after doing factory reset

this link explains more about the HH2's problems
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