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BT Home Hub 2 connection problems - help!


I've just moved into a new flat where broadband is provided. The letting agent assured me that the details I needed were on the bottom of the Home Hub 2, but I've been trying to get my netbook connected to it and I'm getting nowhere.

I have no issues connecting to my parents' Home Hub 2 at their house, but when I find the network in Windows wireless network list and try to connect, none of the number/letter combos on the bottom seem to be working. There is an unlabelled 12 digit number/letter combo, a 13 digit one labelled 'BULK', an 8 digit admin password and an 11 digit 'SN'. Obviously I need the WEP or WPA, but I have maybe foolishly presumed on the word of the letting agent that this is one of the codes on the bottom of the Hub.

I tried to call Bt Support last night but they said there is nothing they can do as I don't have the landline number and I'm not the named BT account holder. The letting agent may have this information, but is there anything anyone could recommend before I do that?

The connection process appears to begin, and the connection box reads 'Waiting for network to be ready', and the background status reads 'Acquiring Network Address' but then simply stops with no error message and no connection is established.

Is there something very obvious I'm missing here? Any help would be greatly appreciated, especially as my netbook appears capable of connecting to the BTFON the Homehub creates!!

Thanks in advance,

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