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BT Home Hub 3 - Unable to connect to

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This is my first post as I am completely stuck - usually I search the BT forum and find an answer whenever I have an issue.


I use BT Home Hub 3 and on all the devices in my house I cannot access Every other website is fine, it just seems like is blocked. I get various different messages once the attempt to connect finishes such as 'Certificate cannot be verified', 'The site is taking too long to respond' 'The site may be down' etc.


On my main computer I use the latest version of Firefox.

Daughters Laptop uses Latest version of Chrome.

Sons Laptop uses whatever the latest Windows 10 default is!

Samsung Tablets and iphones using the BT wifi will not connect.


If we use 4G on our mobile devices is fine. Neighbours broadband connects to vimeo with no issue!


I have reset the home hub on many occasions, I have completely unplugged the home hub for half an hour, check all the settings to see if vimeo is somehow blocked but cannot find a solution.


Any help would be gratefully received


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Re: BT Home Hub 3 - Unable to connect to

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I am replying to this myself as I eventually worked out what was wrong and it may help someone else out in the future.


Because all the different browsers were not connecting to I guessed the problem must be with the Home Hub 3 or BT. I check all the settings and all seemed OK and finally I checked the BT Parental Controls and as I have them set to restrict access to explicit sites, for some reason it was stopping vimeo connecting.


Normally, if I hit such a site that is restricetd/explicit I get a blue screen warning me that the parental controls had blocked the site, however, with I was only getting the various messages mentioned above. I entered into the 'Allowed Sites' section and I know have access to it.


So there you have it, a simple solution that just took time to work out.


I hope this helps someone else in the future.


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