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BT Home Hub 3 & Nintendo 3DS Connection Security Issue

First off, I'd like to stipulate I am not a BT customer.

I am writing this on behalf of a good friend of mine who it with BT.

He is dissabled and lives alone, and as such I have become his unnoficial 'Tech-Guy'.

So any quesions regarding account or connection will be out of my realm, as I am not on location all the time.


The issue:


I recently upgraded my friends router from the Home Hub 2 to the Home Hub 3.

Everything was fine, no hastle what so ever in the swap.


After a little drama regarding WiFi 'cannels' and an old laptop not seeing the connection when the router is set beyond channel 11, I managed to get it working perfectly.


That is until it comes to his Nintendo 3DS.


On initial re-connecting everything the 3DS was able to connect, and even varify a valid WiFi internet source.

But after a hour or so, the connection was lost.

Accessing the 3DS's settings showed that the connection was saved, exactly as it was on the test, but unable to 'see' the WiFi at all.

Deleting the connection setting and attepting to input the Home Hub 3 as a connection again revealed a rather strange issue;

On redescovering the Home Hub 3, when inputting the security code to connect (which is WPA & WPA2 in the Home Hub 3 settings), the 3DS asks for "WEP".

Of course this is an issue as the Home Hub 3 requires a code with WPA & WPA2 encription.

So, it is impossible to connect the 3DS to the WiFi.


Restarting the Home Hub 3 fixes this issue, albeit temporarily.

On restart, the 3DS recognises the correct encryption again (WPA & WPA2) without issue.

But, again, after some time, the 3DS looses the WiFi signal and refuses to reconnect.

Then we are back to the start of this loop again.


I'm using the 3DS as an example here, as exactly the same thing happeded with I connected my PS Vita.

The connection worked for a brief time, then after a while, the connection was gone.

Although, I can nonly confirm this happening once.


Everything else connects to it fine.

Various computers (including the aformentioned older laptop), mobile phones and even various home videogame consoles.

This issue only seems to be persistant on using the Nintendo 3DS.


I would usualy come to the conclusion that it's the 3DS with the issues.

But, if that were the case, why does the issue go away when the Home Hub 3 is restarted, then return?


Any help would be greatly apreciated as it is becomming incredtibly frustrating for my friend.

As, each time he wants to use his 3DS online, the Home Hub 3 needs restarting.

Something that isn't easy for him to do by himself.



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