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Re: Software Update Broken 5GHz SSID

Dear All, as the originator of this discussion string, here's an update on my situation. As I originally said, customer services sent me a HH6 after advising me that they would send me a 'like for like' replacement to my HH5, however, the HH6 worked fine, albeit with some caveats. I live in a small new-build two bed end of terrace, so no thick walls etc. My HH6 was upstairs and generally worked OK but I did suffer some drop-outs on my two wireless speakers downstairs. Tried various different positions for the HH6 but still very patchy performance. Decided yesterday to buy the Netgear Orbi mesh system (one base unit and one satellite). Well what can I say but WOW! Lightning fast Wi-Fi everywhere and no music streaming drop outs. I agree with what folk have said previously about why should you have to pay to buy another router, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for and no ISP is going to supply the very best router with the broadband package. I bought mine from Argos who have it on special at the moment but I notice that Amazon do also. I have installed the Orbi system with the HH6 Wi-Fi disabled and just using it as a modem. If you are able to, I recommend upgrading to a mesh system and say goodbye to Wi-Fi issues! (PS, I chose the Orbi because it has a 5Ghz separate backhaul channel unlike some cheaper mesh systems).

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Re: Software Update Broken 5GHz SSID

Thanks for sharing this advice.  My HH5 wnet again, it was spreading invalid IP addresses (ie out of normal range), and when I pointed this out to the BT folks they sent a new HH5 which arrived the next day, since then all well.  Will look at your suggestion for better coverage though . . .nice one.
Thanks again

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