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BT Home Hub 5 and Cyberghost VPN

Hi hope somebody can help?


I have just recently purchased Cyberghost VPN software and installed it on my PC, basically to help with privacy(not that i am attempting anything untoward- wouldnt dream of it) and allow acces to certain websites that are unavailable to UK residents. This of course works flawlessly, however i have several media networked devices that also have the ability to connect to the same channels but my VPN does not cover these, because it is not attached to my router, just my desktop PC.


My question is simply , how do i attach Cyberghost to my router to cover ALL my network devices ( i have a licence to cover up to 5 devices). Is this possible?


I have read that it can be done, but unfortunately i cannot find any guides( the simpler the better) to assist in this matter?


Please, any help would be superb





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Re: BT Home Hub 5 and Cyberghost VPN

You will not be able to use Cyberghost configured onto the Homehub. You would need to install it separately on all your devices or buy a router with software that is compatible with Cyberghost.


See FAQ "router configuration" on the CYberghost website.

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Re: BT Home Hub 5 and Cyberghost VPN

You 'could' do this if you use one PC with the VPN software installed and configure it to do Internet Connection Sharing.  You would have to create a network using an Ethernet switch and connect all your devices to that.  The problem here is that the PC running ICS and the VPN would need 2 network cards - one to connect to the HH and one to connect to the Ethernet switch.


All devices connected to the switch must use DHCP to get automatic addresses and they will then use the PC as a router.  The VPN software would then route all traffic via the VPN link.

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