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Re: BT Home Hub 6 Wireless Issues

Thanks for all the replies.


Looking at the forum again today, another new user here has had similar issues too.


I think I will just stick with my Home Hub 4 and Openreach Modem setup as its working for me as it should with no problem.


I will wait for BT to sort this issue out with a new firmware update, if they do that is - Smiley Very Happy



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Re: BT Home Hub 6 Wireless Issues

I got BT Infinity 1 and my first BT hub (the not so smart HH6) in mid Feb and it worked ok for a few days and I might have been prepared to live with the lack of control of the hub but then the problems started. Just as many on this forum have reported, I started to get random hub reboots every other day, and sometimes several in the same day, then my wireless devices, although connected to the hub, lost internet access even though wired devices were still working and usually this would end with the hub rebooting by itself.


I've pretty much reached the end of my patience and don't want to spend the rest of my days reading forums to try to find fixes, so I will probably buy a TP-Link or Asus modem/router.

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Re: BT Home Hub 6 Wireless Issues

Absolutely agree. I've wasted countless hours on the phone to bt trying to get this useless piece of kit working properly. I've separated the channels and changed the wireless mode but nothing seems to work. This router is hopelessly unstable ; constantly reboots itself and refuses to recognise  correct passwords. It can't be a faulty unit as this is my third replacement. It won't even let me do a factory reset. I've now junked it and replaced it with an old TalkTalk router. It may not have quite the same wireless range, but at least it works and it's stable.

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