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BT Home Hub DNS



Starting to get fedup been using Dynamic DNS to update my IP on DTDNS, it's been working fine for a long time (last 2 years), however recently I notice the hub is not passing the IP down or is passing the wrong IP to DtDNS. 


The Hub states the DynamicDNS has a connection, if you click refresh it states it has updated correctly. However when I logon to DtDNS I note the IP has not updated, even if I give it 24hrs. If I manually change my IP it resolves the hostname correctly until my IP changes on the hub again and I'm back to square 1.


I have reset, factory reset. Checked all my login details for the Dynamic DNS I have put a 21 day lease on the IP so it is not doing it everyday. It is a Hub 4 by the way.


Really getting fedup with this.


Any ideas? Thankfully it is nearly time for me to renew so if I cannot fix it I will move as I rely on my FTP server being able to resolve through via the hostname.


Hoping somebody knows what to do.

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