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BT Home Hub replacement options.


I've been with BT Broadband for many years now and in general they have been very good.

I always used to use my own router which i found gave me better speeds and a more consistent connection. About a year or two ago I 'upgraded' to BT Faster Broadband (i noticed very little improvement in my speeds) and the engineer fitted a new internal telelpone socket as well as the new homehub 5. 

I've had a few issues since installing Homehub 5 which seem to be gradually getting worse. A lot of wifi drop outs and intermittent wifi speeds. I've tried changing wifi channels & have found something a bit better but it's still not as stable as it used to be. Ive also tried renaming the 2.4 & 5ghz networks so i could choose between them. All without much success.

I've also been having my wired connection have mini dropouts - not so much full disconnects (although there have been a few) but just small ones where nothing will load for 15 seconds or so. In general, while my internet speed is reasonably good, the connection isn't as good as it used to be on my Belkin router (N600 Wireless Dual-band. N+ Modem Router). I attempted to reconnect this router in place of the HH5 but couldnt get any connection so eventually gave up. I think i read somewhere that this router wouldnt be compatible anymore? Could anyone confirm whether this router should work as a replacement?

Alternatively, assuming the Belkin router isn't compatible, if i wanted to go out and buy a new replacement router to give me a more stable connection, what type of router would i need to buy? I don't want to spend a fortune on something that wont work when i try to connect it.

A quick side question too, when using HH5 you dont have to enter any login details like i used to on my old router. Is this just the case because of the new type of internet i have or is it a HH5 feature (ie. id have to dig out my account login details when connecting a different brand of router)?

Many thanks for any advice. 

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Re: BT Home Hub replacement options.

The TP-LINK N600 TD-W9980 is used by a lot of people on this forum, and is very easy to set up. Cost is about £62.

There is plenty of help on this forum, for this device.





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Re: BT Home Hub replacement options.

If you don't mind a two box option you could get an Openreach modem from an auction site and you then use any wireless router that has a WAN port. If you stick to the main brand names you won't go wrong.


You could also use the Openreah modem with the Homehub 5 connected through it. Some posters have found this works and gives a more stable connection.


The reason you do not need to login via the Homehub 5 is because it authenticates your line with BT via your phone number.

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