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BT HomeHub5, Windows 10 and Master Browser Function


The latest versions of Windows 10 create havoc when trying to use the standard network discovery as MS is trying to force people to use the Homegroup functions. The ability to not 'see' devices on the network view is one of the symptoms.

This all seems related to the election of a Master Browser and all these Network Discovery issues go away when none of the PCs act as a Master Browser but either, say, a NAS solution of a Broadband router take over that function.

As the Homehub is likely to be switched on all the time, it makes sense to try and force the homehub to act as a Master Browser. I can 'see' via network interrogation that the HH5 has currently taken over the Master Browser role after rebooting all my PCs, but is there a way to force the homehub to elect to be the master browser?

Thanks for any insight.

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