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Re: BT Homehub 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Hi , a few friends of mine (3) used to have the same dropouts from the servers , they are all O2 customers.


It looks like they ve now sorted this issue by disabling UPnP in their router settings.


I ve had the same thing happening to me recently (I am with BT Infinity opt2), but I think that was down to me having changed the settings in my firewall (zone alarm), I had set my internet security zone to High, since I ve put it to Medium I ve not been dropped, time will tell if it s a coincidence or not.


Other things that I ve come across in my googling about BC2 , not just about being dropped from servers.


- open ports on your router :


 TCP= 80, 13505, 18121, 18126, 18390, 18395    
 UDP= 10000(already open on my BT router), 18126, 18395







"Your anti-virus(AV) is causing the respawn freeze. As a DICE-member stated earlier the problems most likely lies in the saved class file. Every time you respawn the game checks the GameSettings.ini file for class configs, and the AV got some of problem with this, making the game freez for a second, sometimes more"

Add the BFBC2 folder in your "My Documents" to the anti-viruses exceptions-list.
Ex: "C:/Users/[NAME]/My Documents/BFBC2/"      








Add exceptions to your antivirus for "PnkbstrA.exe and PnkBstrB.exe"  



- - -


I can t say whether any of the above is actually any use but I reckon it s worth a try.

I m having some issues with the game at the moment where I get pauses, particularly at the beginning of each round, like split seconds random freezes at times longer.


I ve tried at different times in the day and I ve found that the issue is worse in the evening than it is in the morning, when it occurs in the evening it does not appear to be due to poor performance with my bt net.

A quick check on and has shown that my line was running at full speed and without lag(no jitter or high lag) so in my ignorant opinion I assume my problem is not down to BT.


I ve read that EA has issues when too many players are online that could be my problem, something with all the Stats being accessed at one time ...


Good luck.

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Re: BT Homehub 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2



This problem is easily solvable and I understand how painful it is finding a solution.


Here it is:


Go here:


Follow the instructions to the letter and voila... job done.


BT can't help you with this because it isn't on the script. Enjoy Battlefield sessions of longer than 20 minutes my friends :).

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