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BT Homehub keeps dropping wi-fi connection

Is this a know issue or is my hub going down the toilet?  


I've had the hub for about a year now having switched to BT in August 2010.  Lately the wi-fi connection has either switched itself off or has gone walkabout and the hub has needed to be re-booted - 3 times this week it has gone off line.  I used the ethernet connection for my main computer, but my laptop uses the wi-fi.  Can anyone suggest a solution please or should I just go back to my old reliable Netgear router?

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Re: BT Homehub keeps dropping wi-fi connection

you can try downloading inssider2 (istumbler if MAC) and then run it. This will show the broadcasting networks round about you and their channels including your own. If you then enter your router and change your wireless channel to a free or less congested channel.

it may be that there is a new network about you and causing problems with your wifi signal

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