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BT Homeplug and Devolo - compatible

I have BT infinity with Homeplug 500 going from the modem to the smart TV. 

I have an unused Devolo dLan 200 AV Wireless N homeplug lying around and was wanting ito know if it is compatible - can I use it as a 'wired' conneciton for my computer in the attic? I realise there may be a hit on connecton speed - I do stram some things to the computer (films or sport) but I don't do online gaming so if there is a hit on the speed it may not be an issue.


I know I could just try it but it will invovle a bit of reorganisation will be needed and I thought I would get some thoughts before committing to that. 


Thank you for your help. 

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Re: BT Homeplug and Devolo - compatible

can you not just try to see if they will pair together first before you need to connect pc

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