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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???


The mods confirmed BT wasn't limiting the line purposefully, and we hadn't gone over the usage cap. They ordered me a free accelerator i-plate, but I don't think my phone socket is one of the ones it is compatible with.

I will try the quiet line test when it drops today. It's running at 2000Kbps downstream this morning after a reset last night, for the first time in a while.

Could something like roadworks be causing the problem? There doesn't really seem to be a pattern but I guess I should start recording the times the drops occur.

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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

Anything that can promote the induction of that level of line noise, either by intervention by others or by a means yet to be discovered, is capable of reducing the broadband performance.

As said previously the rise in margin is profound, and is either being caused by a burst of noise... or even possibly by the line becoming destabilised via a source of extreme noise levels at the dslam.

For the latter to happen there would have to be an intermittent line card fault, whereby cross-talk is influencing the connection, allbeit temporarily.

I think under those circumstances I would be maybe asking the moderators to ask for the technical team at BTW to monitor the connection and line an effort to try and identify any possible exchange fault...if no other external line fault can be found.

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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

It wouldn't be so much of a problem if the IP profile wasn't so lame.
I would just be able to reset the router after the incident occurs, and then reset the IP profile, and be back at 2500Kbps again, instead of waiting for ages for it to adjust.

Anyways today's slow-down occured just now at 15:18

May 7 15:18:45 2010(48139.870000) RTNL: Received ERROR reply 'No such process' for message type 0x19
May 7 15:18:17 2010ERR 2010-05-07T14:18:17Z cwmp: mt_cwmp: session error: Could not resolve host

11th of May:

May 11 15:59:44 2010(152596.590000) RTNL: Received ERROR reply 'No such process' for message type 0x19
May 11 15:59:20 2010ERR 2010-05-11T14:59:20Z cwmp: mt_cwmp: session error: Could not resolve host


12th of May:

May 12 16:19:32 2010(22203.370000) RTNL: Received ERROR reply 'No such process' for message type 0x19
May 12 16:18:59 2010ERR 2010-05-12T15:18:59Z cwmp: mt_cwmp: session error: Could not resolve host
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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

No...Smiley Happy

You can reset to get a given sync speed, the IP profile is set by the BRAS...

Trouble is its the IP profile that sets the throughput speed, and if line errors persist, IP profile drops.

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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???


been getting 1Mbps for a month now.

live 2km from exchange

very annoying.

anyone from BT know what the error messages above mean?

(see messages 17+18 for full description of problem)

is 1Mbps download the best that BT can offer me?

(virgin fibre optic 'up to 50Mbps' is available to my postcode)

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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

You should be syncing around 6mbps download with the line attenation you have (it's better than mine and i get 6mbps on option 3).


You need to do the following


1 - turn off the home hub

2 - plug it directly into your master socket test socket.  This will disconnect any extensions you have so you will need to plug your phone into this socket too

3 - leave your router connected to the test socket for AT LEAST 3 days and DO NOT restart it for any reason. 

4 - check your IP profile etc after three days.  If it's ok, switch off the router, and plug back as it was before and switch it back on.  If you can leave it longer than 72 hours then go for it or leave it plugged into the test socket if you dont have any extensions 🙂


When you loose connection is it just the BB that looses connection or is the whole Home Hub restarting? If it's the latter it could be overheating. 


BTW those error messages are nothing to do with the line or casuse of loss of connection, you see that when the home hub is booting or syncing to the exchange.  I get the same errors on the home hub 2b.


Hope this helps

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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

I sympathise completely I have had 4 faulty hubs one after each other and thats led to my profile being stuck at 2meg when it should be a 7meg - according to the engineer who came on Monday !!
He has ordered my profile to be manually reset but it still hasnt happened 4.5 days later !!
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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

You guys think you have problems, at best I get 1.2Mb, today I have 118k....



It really annoys me when BT claims fast connections and people I know are on 50Mb fibre and all I get is this pathetic service...

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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

I've used RouterStats Lite to produce a time graph of the S/N Margin in the past.


I was getting a burst of noise sometime in the middle of the night that reduced the Synch speed. The router would reset back to the original Synch speed but left me with a low throughput.


Go to


This'll help you log the Synch and S/N Margin.


My problem was traced to a water pump on the c/h starting and it only apparently had an impact when the S/N Margin was about 10dB (ie in the night).

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Re: BT - How do I reset my 'IP Profile' ???

i have 135 kbps too and have just done a spped test with only 52kbps better speed on dial up modem!!!!!

had 1.3 mb 2 weeks ago (best i get here is 1.5gb)

broadband stopped completely nearly 2 weeks ago fault at local exchange,three times told it was fixed after third attempt got broadband back but sloooowwwwwwwwwww speed .It's quicker to use 3gs on iphone.

starting to get annoyed with it all now 7 calls to india same thing every time (master socket undo 2 screws blah blah blah)

hopefully engineer out tomorow.


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