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BT Hub 6 is Vulnerable according to OpenVAS

the following issues have been detected following a VT scan 1. SSL/TLS: Report Vulnerable Cipher Suites for HTTPS 64-bit block cipher 3DES vulnerable to the SWEET32 attack (CVE-2016-2183). 2.SSL/TLS: Deprecated SSLv2 and SSLv3 Protocol Detection Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption (DROWN, CVE-2016-0800) 3. TLS/SPDY Protocol Information Disclosure Vulnerability (CRIME) The remote service might be vulnerable to the "CRIME" attack because it provides the following TLS compression methods: Protocol:Compression Method SSLv3:DEFLATE TLSv1.1:DEFLATE TLSv1.0:DEFLATE TLSv1.2:DEFLATE References CVE: CVE-2012-4929, CVE-2012-4930 Most of these have easy mitigation if the options were available to set. Please up date and close this these issues.
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