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BT Hub Keeps Resetting - A Possible Solution

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I've recently had problems with my BT Hub frequently resetting. As well as happening at random times, it also seemed ot happen consistently when either making a phone call or answering an incoming call. 


I'm posting the solution that worked for me, in case it is of help to others.


I found that this was due to a defective modem cable between the BT Hub and the ADSL filter socket. Replacing this with a new modem cable resolved the problem.


Further background on other things I had tried before this :


The Quiet Line test didn't show any particular problems with the line.


Replacing the ADSL filters didn't improve matters.


In response to another suggestion I tried moving the modem cable to ensure it was well away from power cables - and this was what alerted me to a problem with the modem cable itself. On moving this cable, I suddenly lost my broadband connection completely (the light went out on the hub) and wasn't able to get it back. This strongly suggested a problem with the cable. When I tried an alternative cable from an old modem  the connection was restored and has remained stable since then.





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Re: BT Hub Keeps Resetting - A Possible Solution

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Thanks for posting.  Hopefully this will hep somone out.  I'll mark as an accepted solution 🙂
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