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Re: really bizarre fault regarding ext wiring - help

So is the modem rj11 cable from the hub dsl socket connected to the filter so hub is filtered?

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Re: really bizarre fault regarding ext wiring - help

no the hub is connected to the dedeicated A&B on the filtered faceplate so the signal is unfiltered here

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Re: really bizarre fault regarding ext wiring - help

Somewhere in your wiring you have an intermittent disconnection of 1 wire. When the broadband is working on both wires you are getting full speed, when 1 wire becomes disconnected your speed drops to the very low level.

Could be a poor connection in one of the insulation displacement connectors.

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Re: really bizarre fault regarding ext wiring - help

thanks for the explanation, i dont have insulation displacement connectors and instead have a junction box. I will disconnect one of the wires simulating a scenario that you've suspected, when nobody else in the household is using the internet which will be around 1, 2'o clock in the morning and see the how the router behaves to this. 


Will reply tommorow morning with the outcome

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Re: really bizarre fault regarding ext wiring - help

i've decided to move the router to the master socket for the foreseeable future as i can't seem to find the problem. The IDC's at the back of the faceplate were widened which is from where i forced the idc tool in the wrong way round so i tried wiring a ethernet cable to a junction box and the ext cable, then plug the ethernet cable into the front of the faceplate, but didn't make a diffrence
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Possible REIN interference

This is probably my 5th post now regarding broadband problems.

So i installed a extension a week and a bit ago for my router only to be greeted with intermittent drop outs and a speed loss from 49mb to 6mb!

So i placed the router downstairs near the master socket and reused the (Cat 5E) extension as a long Ethernet cable to connect my PC that only supports wired and so far has been fine! 

But the noise margin has increased to 11db and 13db as im typing this and the broadband has cut out 3 times now since being downstairs. 

the first time it dropped out i tried replacing the ADSL face plate with a normal micro filter in the test socket and guess what it dropped out again at around 4am which is when the streetlights turn back on because of the councils part night lighting ball cr*p and through researching, streetlights can cause 'REIN' which will cause the BB to cut out. But the router cut out around mid-day today so it must be something else causing REIN (if that's even the problem). The current set-up is a BT branded micro-filter plugged straight into the master socket and the DSL cable is connected to the BB router. I will admit the micro-filter is a little old as the label sticker thing has the BT piper logo but has the connected world logo engraved into the plastic if that makes sense. And the DSL lead is twisted pair and not the cheap flat one, although one of the ends of the lead is looking a bit worse for ware and cut out when i jiggled it but im not sure if that was to do with a dodgy BT plug to RJ11 adapter. Before i installed the extension the router had a up-time of 7 days and a acceptable noise margin and speeds of 49mb. Now the noise margin has gone up to 11db/13db and speeds dropped to 40mb.

Im going to order a corded phone of ebay to check for noise and a replacement DSL cable for the router in case one of my suspicions are correct.


Also worth mentioning i checked the wiring connecting from the back of the master socket that goes to the telephone pole and nothing seems out of the ordinary.

BTW i didn't disconnect the master socket from the openreach network when checking the said wiring

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Re: Possible REIN interference

I have moved your most recent post onto your other thread to keep every thing you have been doing together which may aid anybody inclined/able to help you.

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Re: Possible REIN interference

thank you

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More on-going issues with FTTC BB - Faulty Hub?

Starting to get a bit fed up now of this.

About 15 mins ago of me typing this i was shopping on ebay when i got the 'your connection is not private blah blah blah' and the network icon in the taskbar was showing the warning symbol essentially meaning something was wrong.

I immediately logged into the router settings and it was indeed disconnected after 4 days of uptime.


Immediately grabbed the corded phone of the shelf, plugged into phone socket (with router still plugged in) and no noise present.


Shortly after unplugging the phone the light went back to blue from a solid orange state

I had this problem a month back where the router was hanging at the solid orange light for a few hours. 

Could this be the openreach network crapping out because of the high demand for broadband as most people work from home inc home schooling etc, (highly doubt it) or quite simply a faulty hub.


i have the micro filter plugged into the BT test socket and a newly replaced dsl lead connecting to the router 


roduct name:

BT Hub 6A

Serial number:


Firmware version:


Firmware updated:


Board version:


Gui version:


DSL uptime:

4 Days, 20 Hours 17 Minutes 42 Seconds

Data rate:

7.20 Mbps / 40.00 Mbps

Maximum data rate:

16814 / 60020

Noise margin:

12.9 dB / 11.5 dB

Line attenuation:

35.3 dB

Signal attenuation:

23 dB / 35.3 dB





Latency type:

Fast Path

Data sent / received:

4 MB Uploaded / 57 MB Downloaded

Broadband username:

BT Wi-fi:


2.4 GHz wireless network name:


2.4 GHz wireless channel:

Smart (Channel 11)

5 GHz wireless network name:


5 GHz wireless channel:

Smart (Channel 36)

Wireless security:

WPA2 (Recommended)

Wireless mode:

Mode 1



MAC address:


Software variant:


Boot loader:




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Re: More on-going issues with FTTC BB - Faulty Hub?

You could have a faulty hub, you could have a line fault, you could have a local source of ‘noise’ that is causing your connection to drop.
You probably need to contact your supplier , who should run through some tests with you to try and determine what the issue is, but it’s not over utilisation, that would just present itself as slower than normal performance
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