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BT Hybrid Speed Boost

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We already have a outdoor 4G router with EE SIM in it to augment the 4-5Mb we get from ADSL.

Would the Hybrid Speed Boost device integrate with this.

By that I mean: could I replace the EE SIM in my outdoor router with that from the Hybrid Device & would the BT Smart Hub, talk to a 3rd party 4G device & aggregate the bandwidth?

The BT Hybrid webpage suggests that the Hub & 4G device can be a distance apart, but it seems the new device is an all in one box, which seems a backward step to me.

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Re: BT Hybrid Speed Boost

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Hi @Quaixy   If you are referring to the BT Hybrid Connect then this is purely a backup device. It is just a 4G modem add on to the Smart Hub 2 which kicks in and out automatically when the normal broadband drops.

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Re: BT Hybrid Speed Boost

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Hybrid Speed Boost is a business only product currently and only available on ADSL lines.

I have to say, as someone on FTTC and not on any current Openreach plan for FTTH for the next 5 years, I would be very interested in a retail version of this if it could work with a Fibre 1 package.

I won’t ‘upgrade’ to Halo 3+ as I don’t need a pay monthly back up 4G router just in case my broadband goes down,  it’s just a very expensive fail safe that will rarely get used with additional ‘benefits’ I don’t need.

However, a permanently active hybrid 4G unit that could seamlessly boost my current speeds every day and be a back up if my line goes down, would be worth paying extra for in my view.

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