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BT Infinity 1 - HH4 - Could it be a new router is needed ?

Can anyone provide assistance please?

My PC has been next to the HH 4 Router /Modem (BT Infinity 1) and the WIFI has been fine for 3-4 years – always 5 bars as expected  – the channel selected is 6 on the 2.4ghz waveband.

However since March the WIFI has been dropping to 4 bars and now more frequently the PC turns on with 4 bars and it drops to 3 bars.

I noticed on the other devices connected to the WIFI, the WIFI is strong so I don’t know what could be causing this.

I have checked using InSSIDer and it appears the neighbours cable is now also on 6 but before it was on 1 (that’s why I chose 6).

BT WIFI with FON and BT WIFI X are also on 6 – always have been.

I changed the Hub to Channel 1 but that only gave me 4 out of 5 bars.

I noticed the Link Score on channel 6 is between 66-71 (not seeming to go higher than 71 but I’ve not kept close eye on it).

Using WIFI I did a speed test Saturday midmorning– Download 35.77 and Upload 8.58.

The bandwidth goes from -48 to -66 (that’s when it drops to 4bars or below)

As the neighbours is on 6 where it was on 1 previously, could there be a problem with Channel 1? I couldn’t pick up any channel 1 when I was checking InSSIDer.

 I have a separate cable broadband and that is using channel 11 – the PC is picking up that full strength.

The firmware for the HH4 is the 16.10.2016 updated version –

Last week a BT Engineer visited because I lost phone line and broadband but that was because the cable from the master needed replacing.

As he advised BT aren’t responsible for the WIFI he didn’t really comment about the signal strength.

The hub would have been reset as part of his work though so I don’t think I need to do that.

Could it be I need a new router – currently have a HH4 ?

or is the interference down to others on the same channel ?

I know I can hard wire it but the other devices (5 in all – 1 tablet, 1 iphone, 2 ipods and a sky wifi box) use the wifi – not at the same time (although the sky wifi box is always on but it uses the 5ghz channel 40).

Any advise appreciated – I’m concerned cos kids need to do homework and pressured as working from home.

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Re: BT Infinity 1 - HH4 - Could it be a new router is needed ?

Try c hannel 11 or 13. Also make sure your wireless adapter divers are fully updated from the manufacture's site. don't trust windows updates to be the latest drivers.

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