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BT Infinity 1 slow speeds HELP!

Hello I wonder if there is anyone on this forum that works with BT who can help me? I recently upgraded to BT infinity 1 (it is newly rolled out in my area) and the service went live on the 30th Dec 2014, however I am stuck with a max download speed of 22mb and an upload speed of 3mb. When I placed my order BT stated that I could expect to see a download speed of 36mb and an upload of 10mb. I never had any problems with my old BT broadband contract (got a steady 17-18mb download) and always received the speed expected. I am using the new BT homehub5, with filters all into the main socket, my PC's are all in very good shape etc. I am convinced that this is an issue on BT's side, my broadband connection is stable etc. it just appears that the speed is limited. I have contacted BT via email and explained the situation to them and I received a slightly contradictory email back stating that they had identified a problem and that yes I should be seeing faster speeds, but it then went on to say that they wanted to speak to me via the telephone as there are so many possible issues that could cause this (even thought they previously stated they had identified a problem). Unfortunately as I had explained to BT I cannot speak to them via the phone as I have recently lost the bulk of my hearing and would therefore not be able to hear anyone on the phone. I replied to BT's email reiterating this fact and I also attached some additionally information from some tests that I had run (I have also attached them here). I did however say that if they still required to speak to me I could try and arrange for someone to speak on my behalf, however I have had no further response or update from BT and it has not been over 48 hours. One last point that I have noticed is that when I reported the issue to BT an "Open Fault" was marked on my service and it states that the fault lies with the "BT Retail Servers" I desperately want this issue resolved, so can anyone help... Please?

bt fault .jpgbt wholesale test.jpg 2.jpg

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Re: BT Infinity 1 slow speeds HELP!

The estimate speed for your line is 23-38Mps (as you are on Infinity 1 max is 38) downstream and 5.7-10 upstream.


As your current speed is less than the minimum and considering your hearing difficulties I've flagged this for a mod to look at.


They should give you a link  to contact them, when you fill the form in stress you prefer email as your method of contact.


It normally takes 3-5 days for your form to reach the top of their workstack.


Meanwhile could you copy & paste lines 1-12 from the HH5's Troubleshooting/helpdesk page. (Troubleshooting/Helpdesk on the web interface at

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Re: BT Infinity 1 slow speeds HELP!

Hi Jmac5,


Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile under the 'about me' section to send in your details and we'll be happy to help you get this sorted. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: BT Infinity 1 slow speeds HELP!

Hi thankyou for your help, thie information is as follows:


1. Product name: BT Home Hub

2. Serial number: +068543+NQ43442159

3. Firmware version: Software version (Type A) Last updated Unknown

4. Board version: BT Hub 5A

5. VDSL uptime: 1 days, 19:15:39

6. Data rate: 3398 / 22120

7. Maximum data rate: 3426 / 23100

8. Noise margin: 6.1 / 6.4

9. Line attenuation: 0.0 / 29.0

10. Signal attenuation: 0.0 / 23.8

11. Data sent/received: 967.2 MB / 1.9 GB

12. Broadband username:


Kind Regards

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Re: BT Infinity 1 slow speeds HELP!

Hello Neil, thank you for getting back to me, I have as requested filled out the "contact the mods" form and look forword to hearing back.


Thank you again

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