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BT Infinity 2 Activation Delayed

I originally placed my order to upgrade from ADSL to BT Infinity 2 on 21/11, got engineer visited to installed all the cables on 1/12, everthing seemed went very well. But After the installtion, the engineeer told me he was not able to activate my line, becasue there was some issues and needed to report to BT and wait further instructions. 

Now the nightmare began, 2/12 contacted BT, told me to wait three days to give further instructions. Orginally I was told there would be an engineer visit to fix the problems. So on 5/12, I spent whole day to contact FTTP team to ask for update, can't reach them, the longest waiting time I have ever had in my life,  1hour and 30 mins in the queue.  So I tried to contact them on 6/12, got through, but however, told me to wait another 5 working days, becasue they have some issues so delay my order, but couldn't tell me any more. Can anyone help me what's going on with my BT infinity 2 and when I can get my fibre?

It was the worst experience I have ever had. It seems that BT is just caring about taking money from your pocket and left customer service far far behind. 

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Re: BT Infinity 2 Activation Delayed

Spoken with BT FTTP Order team early in the morbning to check updates, still nothing, told me there was an external problem with Openreach, only can get me some updates on 15th of December, What a story. I complained with the lady, asking questions about the external faults, she was just telling me it was not their faults and I should balme Openreach.

Come on, why I should blame someone I can't reach.It is 21st century ,why BT such a big company, can't get problem sorted for its customer, really poor service, is there any MOD on the forum can provide help?

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