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BT Infinity 2 Ping Spikes

Hi there,


I am currently on bt infinity 2 and have had no problem for the past 3 years with either gaming or general browsing. However recently I seem to be having inconsistent lag spikes. I have run multiple tracerts and it goes from around 11/12 up to 1000+ at peak times which can be especially annoying when gaming. I have set up ping plotter and posted attached it below. This was only between a half an hour period but I will continue to keep it running for a while. I am using a wired connection and i have already trouble shooted as much as possible, from contacting BT support chat (Which was no help at all, they told me to run a speed test which was fine, when it the inconsistent ping spikes I was trying to resolve) and I have also reset my router to factory setting which has not helped either. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Screenshot -


Regards, Michael   

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