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BT Infinity 2 - Terrible speeds during the evening, ongoing for months!

This issue has been ongoing since early July.  During the hours of around 6-7pm to midnight our download drops to anything between 4mbs to 15mbs and upload to less than 1.5mbs with a latency pushing anything from 500ms to 700ms+.  During the day, and early hours everything is absolutley fine, this issue only ever arises during 'peak' home hours, which is obviously not a coincidence. 


Despite reporting the fault numerous times, the usual chain of events is often: fault reported> zero communication> 7-10 days later> fault closed, reported as fixed.


Nicr FixBT.jpg


Taken 8:20pm today.  Does that look 'fixed' to anyone?  You know what this screams to me?  Oversubscribed service.  Problem only ever arises during peak evening hours, never during the day or small hours.  You can literally tell what time it is by when the connection **bleep**s the bed and I'm sick and tired of BT's zero **bleep** given attitude and their complete surprise when I reraise the issue and they put me through the same junior level support system whereby I'm treated like I don't even know how to turn a computer on (for the record I'm an ict support technician) hence why I'm so **bleep** off at the hoops they ask me to jump through when I know full well this is not a hardware issue, wired or wireless, or cabling/internal/external wiring problem BECAUSE IT ALWAYS HAPPENS AT THE EXACT SAME TIME!


There must be someone on these forums who can help me with this, I'm sick of rerouting the issue via BT India and spinning my wheels.  The problem remains, despite me personally going out of my way to resolve it myself the issue obviously resides with BT's network.  My best guess is the local exchange is slammed and over capacity during peak times, but what am I supposed to do about that?


I can post all the same router stats and various information as I've been sending BT but you'll get nothing from it, because the issue is not on my end.

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Re: BT Infinity 2 - Terrible speeds during the evening, ongoing for months!

Hi @Desaan,


I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with your connection. With what you have posted it does sound like it could be congestion at the exchange. I'll be happy to take a look at this for you. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?





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