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BT Infinity 2 Upgrade

Like many others I upgrade last month to Infinity 2 following encouragement from BT. My speed is no better than when I was on Infinity 1 following the upgrade to the 52mbps (max).


1/ Current speed test


 speed (1).jpg


46.2mbps down 8.9 mbps up.


2/ Have done the quiet line test and used the Test Socket


3/ Used line checker for my telephone number


 Checker (1).jpg


4/ BT speed “offer” in Infinity 2 Order


“We estimate your download speed will be between 47Mb and 60Mb, and your upload speed will be between 9Mb and 13Mb.”


5/ Speed from HH5 log pre any upgrades


07:11:56, 23 May.   (1119647.940000) PPPoE is up - Down Rate=39993Kbps, Up Rate=8496Kbps; SNR Margin Down=14.2dB, Up=6.5dB


6/ Logs after 52mbps upgrade pre Infinity 2 order


09:48:33, 06 Jun.     (1126675.230000) PPPoE is up - Down Rate=52984Kbps, Up Rate=9995Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.1dB, Up=6.5dB


05:21:11, 09 Jun.     (158771.140000) PPPoE is up - Down Rate=46437Kbps, Up Rate=9995Kbps; SNR Margin Down=6.2dB, Up=6.6dB


7/ Upgraded to infinity 2 on the 11h June


8/ Current HH5 “Help desk”


1. Product name:

BT Home Hub

2. Serial number:


3. Firmware version:

Software version (Type A) Last updated 19/02/16

4. Board version:

BT Hub 5A

5. DSL uptime:

7 days, 01:12:32

6. Data rate:

9995 / 48996

7. Maximum data rate:

11360 / 56419

8. Noise margin:

6.1 / 6.8

9. Line attenuation:

23.3 / 18.7

10. Signal attenuation:

23.2 / 18.1

11. Data sent/received:

3.4 GB / 59.1 GB

12. Broadband username:


9/ Various calls to BT have not helped, the bottom line is even though they encouraged me to go onto Infinity 2 the legal words say that they do not guarantee a download speed on IN 2 any better than 35mbps, which is less than I had on IN 1. I normally got 36/37mbps (pre 52mbps U/G)!


I think my best option is to go back to Infinity 1, but I have seen lot better line speeds are possible and feel misled by BT.


Any views?

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Infinity 2 Upgrade

Looking at the results from the dslchecker and the stats from your hub especially attainable I would agree that you would be better back on the new infinity 1 package and get about same down speed

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