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BT Infinity 2 - Wind and Rain Cause Disconnects

I just want to mention that during good weather my internet connection performs excellent, by far the best connection I have ever had. This issue only affects me during strong winds and/or heavy rain conditions (in the case of both wind and rain it’s a guaranteed internet disaster such as the weather we experienced around Christmas)


Normally I just use a combined VDSL2 modem and Router in the form of the FritzBox!7390 which serves my purposes just fine. The main reason being that the 5GHz wireless performance of this router is absolutely fantastic and it has a real nice feature set far in excess of what the homehub offers. Always nice to have an all-in-one solution as well. I also achieve a slightly higher sync speed with this setup as opposed to using the openreach modem and homehub/other router.


I began to notice multiple disconnects during the poor weather in the week leading up to the 24th of Dec, I had a feeling it was because of the bad weather and didn’t really care that much. Around the 20th I swapped from just using the FritzBox!7390 to using the ECI Openreach modem and setting the 7930 into pure router mode thinking that maybe there was a hardware issue involved. Unfortunately that didn’t solve anything. Over the next few days I tried different routers (BT Homehub & Billion 7800N) connected to the ECI openreach modem but I was still suffering disconnects. The disconnects were predictable to some extent as when I heard a gust of wind it would almost always be followed up with a disconnect and no internet for a min or so. I left to see family on the 23rd for Christmas and decided to try one last thing.


I got out another BT Openreach modem, this time the Huawei HG612 (using firmware that enables LAN2 + telnet + web interface) and connected it up to the FritzBox!7390. I setup another program on a spare PC that logs all the available VDSL2 information directly from the HG612 every min. I could have done the same thing but using the FritzBox alone as it also responds to an Ikanos chipset stats command with the same information rather than the Broadcom ‘xdslcmd’ command over telnet but decided it was probably best to use a modem that BT provides and plus I didn’t have time to setup something up for the FritzBox Ikanos chipset. I Also setup a ‘push service’ that makes the FritzBox email me when there was a disconnect automatically using a backup 3G service.


I Got back from the family’s home on the 26th, weather was fine. The next day comes along and along comes a big storm (heavy wind and rain) from around 2AM to 4AM on the 27th. I wasn’t awake but the next morning I have 4 messages telling me of disconnects in quick succession. I check the line stats and see the Upstream SNRM was all over the place during the bad weather.




All Stats


The weather on the 28th was fine. The 29th and 30th all had light drizzle, with some intermittent heavy rain and gusts of wind that didn’t last long. The internet was just fine other than a disconnect on the 29th at 15:13.


28th – All Stats


29th - All Stats


30th – All Stats


6:30 AM onwards on the 30th was problematic; there was real bad weather from around 6:15 AM till noon that caused 8 disconnects starting at 09:25 and ending at 11:57. There was an additional non weather related disconnect due to DLM adjusting my line parameters at 03:04 on the 31st probably in response to the poor line performance on the 30th (increased US interleaving depth, lowered DS interleaving depth, and dropped DS and US sync speed).




All Stats


That was the last time I experienced major wind and rain but since then I’ve had more disconnects, always coinciding with bursts of rain or wind that only last 15 mins or so. Keep in mind that sometimes you will need to look 1 link ahead as the graph cut off point is 6AM each day.


1st – Rain sometimes heavy, some bursts of wind. 1 Disconnect at 14:35


2nd – Light rain, Light winds. No Disconnects


3rd – Some very heavy intermittent rainfall early in the morning ending early afternoon. 1 Disconnect at 01:19


4th – Heavy rain at 6AM, very light drizzle rest of day. 1 Disconnect at 06:57


5th – Some intermittent drizzle. Heavier intermittent rain from 19:00-midnight. No Disconnects.


6th – Intermittent heavy rain. 1 Disconnect at 18:22


Asked tech support what to do on the 27th of Dec 2013 and they said best to book a line engineer as during the heavy rain and wind there is noise on the line. An engineer was meant to come on the 2nd but it was a no show. Got a txt from BT saying I needed to rebook so I did and a line engineer came today. He tested the line and everything was fine (the weather is good today, no rain or wind). Today's stats here (missing data due to engineer testing line and unplugging modem). He said that it is best to go ahead and book a broadband engineer. I tried to do that over the phone a few hours ago with the call centre people but apparently unless you are experiencing the issue when they are preforming the remote tests they can’t get an engineer out to you. So I’m kind of stuck now because BBC weather says I’m not likely to experience any bad weather for the next days. They did open a fault though. Very annoying as I'm fairly sure I have a problem but nothing I can do about it.


Is it normal for a connection to disconnect during bad weather? I’m unsure myself as up till getting Infinity I’ve always been with Virgin Media which typically have all their cabling underground as opposed to the telephone pole system I have in my road and weather played no noticeable role in connection stability. The whole thing is a little annoying as normally I get the max sync speeds available with an interleaving depth of 1 (aka no interleaving) but these problems have caused the DLM to kick in. I understand that given enough time things should return to normal but I can’t help but feel annoyed that bad weather means poor internet stability.


I remember that the moderators in this forum used to be able to resolve problems efficiently, is that still a ‘thing’ as the old link that used to work isn’t around anymore so I assume a new system is in place?

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Re: BT Infinity 2 - Wind and Rain Cause Disconnects

Hi menkadar,


Thanks for posting. I can take a look at this for you. Drop me an email with the details. You’ll get the ‘contact us’ form in the about me section of my profile.





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