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BT Infinity 2 and Line Problems since Nov 2016 to Now, Help!



I have been a BT Infinity 2 customer since Sept 2013, at the time I told the BT sales on the phone I wanted fast unlimited fibre.  So I was told the deal I needed was BT Infinity 2 and I have been paying for that ever since.


Recently I was told by BT Openreach that I am being over charged on one of their many, many Openreach visits that my line will only do BT Infinity 1 speeds and never has been capable of doing much past 50mbps.


I have had many, many problems with crackling lines, internet dropping connections and DLM problems for every year I have had the service. I have had at least 3 to 4 Openreach visits a year, I must have had a problem with the phone line or internet 4 months out of the 12 every year.


Like a damb fool I have resigned up somewhere in the region of 4 to 6 months ago for a 24-month contract on the BT Infinity 2 although to be honest I do not remember anyone mentioning 24 months but then again it was a BT landline so the fact that it worked at all is a miracle.


I have just had yet another 2 Openreach visits in the last 30 days


1st visit for DLM dropped to 6mb download 0.05mb upload and it was barely functional

2nd crackling phone line and same DLM IP profile issue.


Now I have a 3rd problem.  I saw a Openreach van parked on my street and usually means that my internet has been disconnected and my IP profile has dropped, even though I was not the one they/he was visiting.


So guess what? Yep you got it IP profile dropped from 49.90mbps to 36mbps although the IP had not changed so not sure if the actual connect dropped.


I tell you if I see a BT Openreach van within 2 streets of my house or a Openreach engineer in the cabinet or on the pole that my line is connected to, I have a 50% chance my internet connection has at least been rebooted or disconnected and my IP profile will have been dropped or crackling on the line will start soon.


I have reported this third problem on the 6th Dec 2016 and been told we should have your problem resolved in 3 days, well now it’s the 12th Dec 2016, has it been fixed? Well surprise the answer is NO.


So you might say phone them again, BUT why should I, I am so, beyond tired of chasing and chasing BT to do what they have promised to do several times before.


I have emailed complaints and asked to be let out of all my contracts and enter a rolling month by month contract less set up on, BT Infinity and line rental, but was told by someone “I’ve looked into this for you and this time we can’t agree on things”.


Well to be honest I am not sure how much more I could take.


Could someone help me…


  1. I think I have been miss-sold BT Infinity 2 and been charged for it since Sept 2013, and I think I should be entitled to a refund of over changes?
  2. Given the amount of problems I have had, I wish to enter a rolling deal so that if these problems persist, I am able to leave?


Does this sound reasonable?


Any help achieving these goals would be appreciated.



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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Infinity 2 and Line Problems since Nov 2016 to Now, Help!

When you took out your first contract with BT, the maximum speed on Infinity 1 was 38Mbps which means if you could at that time get 50Mbps you were correctly advised to get Infinity 2.


It is only in the past few months that the maximum speed cap on Infinity 1 has been raised to 55Mbps which now means that given your maximum speed it would now be the best package for you to be on but without knowing exact dates it is not possible to say if that higher speed on Infinity 1 was available when you renewed your contract.


If there is noise on your phone line this will, as you are no doubt aware, have a detrimental affect on your broadband speeds and the speeds will not improve until your line is improved. DLM will keep dropping your line speed to try and maintain a stable connection.


If there is noise on your phone line you should report a phone fault, not a broadband fault, and keep complaining until the noise problem is fixed. Once that is fixed DLM will slowly return your speeds to the maximum that the line can support.


As regards your being miss-sold Infinity 2 and wanting a refund I doubt that will happen due to the reason I gave above.


Likewise, I doubt that BT will put you onto a rolling contract without you completing your present contract.

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