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BT Infinity 2 offer - as a thank you for being with BT - and a weird story to boot

Hi all,


First post here, but slightly confused. I was wondering if anyone else had anything similar to these odd experiences with BT.


I've been with BT ever since their infinity fibre service came to our area, a story in itself....


Appx 2 years ago, there were "No plans to install a fibre cabinet in our area" when I looked to see if I could upgrade from regular (not BT) BB provider. BT did give me an option to pay for a fibre cabinet myself, and on contacting BT about this/price, it was an enourmous ourlay (we're talking a new family car, with the extras, and change for a new kitchen) and they suggested maybe clubbing together with my local community (the centre of a large 40,000 town - all be, quite a poor coastal one - seasonal work)...

Needless to say, I did NOT proceed... Not 2 months passed - the road was being dug up, and to my surprise, a fibre cabinet appeared at the end of my street later that day. Within a month, I had BT fibre with all the bells and whistles... I need the upload speeds more than most, to send out my video work.


I recieved an email about 6 months (give or take) later, informing that if I opted to recieve BTs latest homehub, I would NOT have to pay for the increase that was on the horizon. In exchange, I would recieve a new 12/18 month contract (i forget which). Well I wasn't going anywhere anyway - so to get a better router (5Ghz, increased range, dual channel, whatever else) and some math, I figured this would mean saving £70 over the period anyway AND better service, especially as I do send a lot of data about the house (4K video editing can easily chew through 10GB disk space every FIVE MINUTES!! - Prior to final output rendering).


Then today, I logged into my account to see what my bill was doing (I dont use DD on anything if I can possibly avoid it, despite taking the monthly £2 hit) - and I had "a special offer"


The offer was for what I already had, the same package, the same 500GB cloud, the same protection stuff, minus the international friends and family discount though - and the cost was £52.49


It was unclear if this was inclusive of VAT, whatever, even if it was, it is almost £5 a month MORE for what I already have, and a NEW 18 month contract to boot - and REQUIRES a direct debit....


My current bill is essentially for the landline and infinity only, with the international F&F option (appx £1-£2) as I often call my german relations and I find skype a little flakey calling foreign land lines (they dont have the net, being the age they are). I use mobile for everything else, short of the odd 08xxxxxxx number and my monthly bill (which is NOT DD) usually comes in, with VAT, at a just under £50 - which includes about £3 calls.


Sorry for the long ramble, I felt like I covered 15 topics, when the initial thought was:

What is this offer on about - I pay more, to get less, and enter into a new 18 monther, for the "thanks for your loyalty appreication offer"


other than that, unless I'm missing something major - I know the prices just went up some, so unless they went up £15/month, I'm not taking their amazing deal just yet!

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Re: BT Infinity 2 offer - as a thank you for being with BT - and a weird story to boot

BT Offer



(here's the offer)

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Re: BT Infinity 2 offer - as a thank you for being with BT - and a weird story to boot

I don't think that is a great offer.

I got offered this:



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